Happy New Year! (again)

We celebrated NYE by doing a dive bar crawl in Seattle with our friends Spiro and Susan and their friends Lauren and Jason. I was drugged up on cold meds, so I was the DD, but it was still one of the best New Year’s in recent memory. I’m telling you, dive bars are the place to be on New Year’s! Cheap booze, not crowded, friendly staff, locals who are drunker than you are, and plenty of picture-taking opportunities…

Here are the bars we hit:

Leny’s Tavern – free Rice Krispie treats!
Goldie’s – sweetest bartender ever
Water Wheel – crochety old locals!
Mystery Bar – cheap, cheap booze ($15 for 6 drinks?)
The Viking – raucous crowd (and they now serve liquor!)
The Smoke Shoppe – friendly locals
The Sloop – Slooper Sized drinks!

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One Response to Happy New Year! (again)

  1. Maggi says:

    This might be the trashiest thing I’ve said all day but: My uncle used to drink at Leny’s!

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