Aloha from Hawaii!

T and I went to Hawaii for a week in December and this was the first pic we took. Here’s the story behind the smile on our faces (besides the fact that we’re in Hawaii!)…

Our flight was delayed 8 hours (but luckily Hawaiian Airlines had called us the day before and warned us) so we got to the airport 2 hours before boarding, which we NEVER do (we both usually like to be the last ones on the plane) and there was already a HUGE line at the Hawaiian ticket counter. A huge windstorm had blown into Seattle the Thursday night prior (and blew a tree into our friends Phil and Doris (with whom we were vacationing!!!)’s living room!) and Sea-Tac had lost power that Saturday (we were flying out Sunday). So anyway, it was totally crowded and the line was realllllly slow moving, so we chatted up the nice older gentleman in line next to us. Apparently he had been vacationing on Hawaii (the Big Island) for years and was back in Seattle for the weekend to visit his grandson (and so was flying back to Hawaii to meet up with his wife again) and he told us all about what there is to see and do, and then he and T started chatting about fly fishing and he told T all about where the best fly fishing is in each of the continental United States, and then we started talking about Hawaii again (we must have talked for an hour and a half) and I joked that I didn’t really care what we did in Hawaii as long as I got lei’d when I got off the plane! He chuckled and said, “You realize they only do that in the movies, right?” but then he took out his Blackberry and said, “But I’ll see what I can do… What’s your name?” So I told him and he pretended to type something into his phone and T and I both looked at each other and were like, “Right.” So we FINALLY get up to the counter (part of the reason it was taking so long was because they were issuing everyone $200 vouchers for the inconvenience) and I realize they only booked us to HONOLULU, but we were flying to KONA. So I asked the agent what was up and she told me she couldn’t check us into the next flight yet and that we’d have to wait until we got to Honolulu to check in for our next flight. “Oh, and by the way, you’re now flying through Maui as well.” Great. So we get on the plane, blah blah blah, land in Honolulu, and then. chaos. ensues. We have no idea where we’re going next. We have no idea what the flight number is, when it’s leaving, where it’s leaving from, and we have no ticket to get on that flight even if we did know how to get on or where the friggin’ plane was. AND they’re having some kind of mechanical difficulties with the jetway and it takes the crew TWENTY MINUTES to fix it and almost HALF AN HOUR to deboard the plane. So everyone spills out of the plane and into the terminal (it’s now 10:00 at night) and tries to figure out where the hell they’re going. I decide to be all “The Amazing Race” about it and try to team up with another family, but they have three kids in tow, and they’re just as lost as we are. So T tracks down a ticket agent who just starts screaming “GET ON THE WIKI WIKI!!! GET ON THE WIKI WIKI!!!” so once we figure out what the HELL a wiki wiki is (it’s a tram), we get on one car and our “family” gets on the other and I basically just figure we’ll get off when they get off. Luckily for all of us, there’s only one stop (that would have been nice to know, eh?). So we hop off the Wiki Wiki and run into this other terminal and there are people waving us to the gate and there’s an announcement about “If you’re going to Kona on flight 57…. I mean 27….. go to Gate 57….” But I think the woman’s saying 67 and T thinks she’s saying 57 (and of course they’re in 2 totally different directions in the terminal) so we don’t know which way to go, but then we get caught up in this rush of people and eventually get corralled over to gate 57, and there’s 2 ticket agents standing at the counter saying, “Flight to Kona! Flight to Kona!” so we get in line and then realize that they’re just checking the ticket stubs from the previous flight, but T had left his in the seat pocket ahead of him on the last flight, so he has nothing to prove he was on that last flight! But apparently, in Hawaii, that doesn’t matter!!!!! We get up to the counter and the agents just wave us through the line and tell us to pick any seat that isn’t first class (what is this, Southwest???). We’re one of the last people on the plane so I take a seat by the window by this older couple and T takes a seat across the aisle and we just look at each other like, “What the hell just happened???” So I start chatting up the woman next to me about what a crazy mess that was and apparently 1) They never GOT THE CALL from Hawaiian Airlines delaying the flight, so they’d been at the airport since 6AM that morning, AND 2) They were never told to catch the Wiki Wiki so they and 40 other people RAN to the next terminal to catch the next flight! OMG. So at that point I realize our trip could have been a lot more messed up and just try to sit back and not freak out about the next 2 flights I’m taking over the ocean. Finally, though, it’s all over, and we land in Kona and our bags are the first ones off the belt (that’s one of the perks of being the last one on the plane) , so we pick up all our crap and start running over to the rental car counter when….. THE GUY THAT WE MET AT SEA-TAC intercepts us and adorns us with leis!!!!!!!! He had apparently seen us get on the 2nd flight and so he texted his wife and she went and bought leis at the airport and they stood there and waited for us just as we were leaving the airport. It was so, so, so damn sweet, and such a nice surprise after such a shitty day of traveling. I’ll never know who that guy was, but I’ll always remember him.
And that’s my crazy Hawaii story. 🙂

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2 Responses to Aloha from Hawaii!

  1. Vannie says:

    I loved the story about how you got lei’d!

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