my first sweaters!

Last night I was finally to give Heather (and her boys) the sweaters I’d been working on, and had kept hush about, for the past year! I had never made sweaters before these, but one day last January I just knew I wanted to make a blue and brown sweater for them for Christmas (so I gave myself a year and I was still casting off when we pulled up to their house last night!). I found this great top-down raglan sleeve pattern, and I was almost done with it by March or so, but that’s when things started to go downhill….
. I didn’t know where to switch colors, so I ended up going down the back (purposely not pictured here). I wasn’t extremely careful about when I switched from one color to another, so I ended up having this diagonal jog down the back. After I was halfway done with the body, I ripped the whole thing out and paid more attention.
. Then, I knitted the sleeves as per the pattern, which tells you to knit them flat in stockinette, but after thinking more about it (and thinking, “What would EZ do?”) I ripped them both out and knit them in the round. BUT I re-used the same yarn, so they’re a little crinkly looking, and I didn’t pay attention to the decreases, so they’re a little bulkier than they should be.
The second sweater went together much more quickly (once I FINALLY decided on which colors to use… that took months!), but it was while knitting that one that I realized my first one was all wrong.
Ah well. I did take the time to learn how to weave in ends with this project, so I am very pleased about that. In the end, I am very pleased with how they turned out, and I think Heather was too!

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