i have no idea how to lock my car

I rented a Chevy Aveo for this trip (they had no rental cars available when I went up to the counter, so it was either the Aveo or a minivan or wait for half an hour until they got some more mid-size sedans) and I am totally happy with it EXCEPT I have no idea how to lock the doors! And there’s no clicker. 😦 But whatever. It lets me get here driving at an average of 75MPH, so that’s all I really need.

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2 Responses to i have no idea how to lock my car

  1. Rich says:

    Ness: When you get ready to exit the Aveo, look at the driver’s door. There should be a locking mechanism. This can be a button at shoulder height, a lever near the handle or something else but it should be obvious when you look at it. If you can’t see anything, you’ll have to try Plan B. Stand outside the car with the driver’s door open. Put the key into the lock and turn the key toward the front of the car while you look at the door panel and the console. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, turn the key slowly toward the back of the car, look and listen. You should also be able to just lock the doors from the outside by turning the key in the door lock. Once you’ve found it, open the door, move the lever which activates the locks and you’ll be set to go.

  2. Steve says:

    Aveo has manual locks unless it’s the highest outfitted model (not likely on a rental). Further, the driver’s side door will not lock if you depress the button while the door is open. This is a ‘feature’ and likely what’s bewildering the person. You have to lock it with a key turn.

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