RSS feeds

I just found out this weekend what an RSS feed is (finally!). I had heard about them, but I finally took the time this weekend to figure out what it is and why I need it. Basically it allows you to “subscribe” to a whole bunch of web sites (I have knitting blogs, my friends’ blogs, some news sites, etc) and read them through an RSS reader (I use and from there you can see all the web sites in one place, and it even shows you which sites have updated with new posts since you last read them. Very cool (and easy!), if you read the same sites every day.

Here are some of my RSS Feeds so far:

KEXP’s blog
Yahoo! News: Top Stories

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3 Responses to RSS feeds

  1. mike says:

    that’s how i read all of your posts.

  2. mike says:

    also how you’re going to be on livejournal like the rest of my friends. and how i will read your posts at the gym, when i have downtime.

  3. funessa says:

    how am i going to be on lj? i use wordpress. i don’t get it. i’ll figure it out… someday.

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