a typical Pac-NW weekend

we went snowshoeing with our friends milt and abby earlier today (and before you get too impressed, know that we were only out for a couple hours before having to turn around because the terrain was too rough) and was sooo nice to get out in the snow, and into the great white open, with no one else around (except a couple families and their dogs). while we were out abby asked me if i could copy down our african peanut soup recipe for her again because she’d recently lost it, and then i instantly started craving it and wanted to have it for dinner. when we got home we found 2 bags packed away in the freezer and dinner was ready in minutes (‘cuz we were STARVING!). so then at dinner i started thinking about the rest of our weekend and i’d say it qualifies as a quintissential pac-nw weekend. T and i went out to dinner at a little asian restaurant by our house on friday night when i got home, and our waitress actually used to work at the restaurant across the street from us a while back (before we stopped going there anymore… that’s another story) , so she recognized us and chatted us up about the work we’d done on our house over the years. then later, as we were walking home, i realized i’d forgotten my mittens at the table, so we walked all the way back (only 4 blocks, but it was fuh-reezing), and as soon as we walked in our waitress told us she was going to drop my mittens off at our house at the end of her shift. i didn’t believe her, but i thought it was sweet of her to say. 🙂 then T’s friends came over yesterday to MAKE SOAP and it actually turned out really well!!! it seems like once you get the right ingredients (lye, Potassium Hydroxide, dyes, etc….) it actually is pretty cost effective and easy. the bars still have to set up, but i can’t wait to see how it all turns out. (they made a basic olive oil castille soap and then they added rosemary and green coloring to some bars – they smell great!!!)

in knitting news, though, i had to rip out T’s glove and completely start over. i was so bummed!!! his first pair of gloves were WAY TOO BIG so this time he specifically requested that they be knit smaller and in a tighter gauge, so these are knit on size 2 needles, so they were relatively slow going, but i was making a ton of progress on them all week, but then when i got home on friday night and measured them on him, they were still too big! so i have to rip them out (something i still haven’t done yet). i’m still trying to figure out if i can just rip down a few rows and start the thumb hole sooner, but i’m kind of afraid to go all cavalier like that with these gloves. i’d rather follow a pattern. but the problem is, the small glove pattern just has you knit 2 rows fewer than the meddium. so i’m not convinced that they’ll be any better. i’m going to mull it over one more night and see how far i get. maybe EZ will have some advice….

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  1. van says:

    Who is this anonymous “T” person? 😉

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