wall art

we went to ikea yesterday with our friends milt and abby (we’d been talking about wanting to go during the week, and abby suggested we go on a tuesday night since it’s jazz night) and we actually took the time to tour all the “showrooms” (T and i usually shop the store backwards, going to just those sections we know we need stuff from) and i was shocked when i saw this wall in one of the bedrooms. it’s EXACTLY what i’ve been wanting to do to our bedroom wall for the past year or so. we absolutely cannot decide on artwork, and then last year i was eating at a thai restaurant by work that had this faded thai graffiti painted all over the walls (with stenciled flowers and thai characters) and i just thought – that’s it! that’s what i want on my wall! i haven’t made any progress toward that end, but then seeing this wall art last night re-excited me about the concept. [except i wouldn’t stick a big ugly picture frame in the middle.]


also, what i didn’t notice until after i snapped the photo, was that this design actually matches the bedspread they had on the bed (like the one above, except it was blue & green). that was a little too matchy matchy for me, but i thought it was a good place to start for design ideas.

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2 Responses to wall art

  1. Heather says:

    Plus you don’t have to dust (or actually, just occasionally notice perhaps you SHOULD dust) something without a frame.

  2. funessa says:

    who dusts?

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