the other day my friend Mark forwarded me an ad from craigslist for some microsoft usability study. basically they were looking for people who blogged and subscribed to RSS feeds. and since i recently started doing both (!!!), i was excited to help out and join the study. so i filled out the application and then some kid from microsoft called me the next day around 4PM to get a feel for my interest and availability. i told him i worked til 5 and so i’d only be available in the evenings, and then he started to ask me some questions to see what i’d qualify for (he was actually excited that i was a mac person, since they rarely get any!). so he finds this MP3 one that i might be interested in and halfway through the questions he asks me, “are you cooking bacon?” and I’m like, “uh, no, i’m at my desk.” and he’s like, “well i don’t know, i thought maybe you had a george foreman or something… because it really sounds like something’s sizzling. it’s making me hungry!” and then we both laughed for a bit, but then i staretd thinking, hey, that’s not a bad business idea. cook up some bacon around mid-afternoon and bring it around the business park to all the tired old saps slaving away in the offices… ‘cuz everybody loves bacon. or at least i do. i told T about my idea that night and he even suggested i could even drive around a truck that says “Bacon Brake” on it….. then i started wondering, does everybody love bacon as much as we do???

since the bacon delivery business will probably take a while to get off the ground, i figured i’d make an “I Brake for Bacon” bumper sticker in the meantime to show my love to the world. mmmm…. bacon.

bacon, I Brake for Bacon
I Brake for Bacon

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3 Responses to bacon?

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Ness: Bacon in a delivery truck. Sounds like a good idea. You’d have to have some other song than the ice cream truck guys use. Maybe something from a cartoon. Then at the end of the song, dub in Porky Pig’s voice saying “Th…Th…That’s all folks!”

  2. Janet says:

    I would brake for bacon! 😀

  3. Heather says:

    So where can I buy the sticker?
    I think maybe the truck would be too much. I think you might be more successful with a tray like at the ballgames, with a big bacon hat on.

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