finally, someone gets it

check out this brownie pan!!! edges everywhere!!! i’m totally getting this for my birthday, one way or another.

(that and a frozen lou malnati’s pizza (hint, hint).)

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4 Responses to finally, someone gets it

  1. Rich says:

    Ness: Where is the pan sold? I have you covered on the Lou’s to go.

  2. Heather says:

    I wonder, though- will the middle edges actually turn out with the crispiness of “real” edges? I mean, in reality those edges are still in the middle. Perhaps the volume of brownie around it makes the edginess, not the fact it’s next to metal? Anyway, I prefer the brownie middle, so we could do a “jack sprat” type of arrangement if this pan doesn’t work.

  3. funessa says:

    According to Fine Cooking mag, this brownie pan does what it says and yields many more crispy edges than a normal pan. They also said that you don’t even have to alter the recipe (so I can still make my Costco brownies!).

  4. Heather in WV says:

    I got to your blog via google on the recycled sweater blanket and stayed to find this post! I love the edges too and get maximum edges by making my brownies in muffin tins, don’t use cupcake liners, just spray PAM on them real good and they pop out with much edges! I enjoyed your blog.

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