because we don’t act old enough already

our new scotch decanter
i knit and listen to NPR more than most people i know, T waxes nostalgic about the way things used to be,…. and now we have a decanter full of scotch on the buffet in our living room.

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5 Responses to because we don’t act old enough already

  1. mike says:

    each year, myself and other managers get gifts from vendors we use at work. this year, i didnt get anything really, but my coworkers gave me their gifts, which included stuff like an expensive bottle of wine, a bottle of dom perignon, and a $200 decanter. that last one was sitting in the kitchen, and i decided to take after cleaning up the engineering party that i also organized. i deserve it, you bastards!

  2. funessa says:

    are you going to fill it with scotch and put it on a buffet in your living room???

    hey how was your houselukewarming party? T and i were going to fly down and surprise you guys, but then we thought more about it and decided that then we really WOULD be acting like people who had scotch in a decanter on the buffet in their living rooms….

  3. Rich says:

    You’re only acting “old” if that’s single malt scotch. Nice decanter.

  4. mike says:

    i’m going to fill it with some pricey bourbon i think, since I LOVE BOURBON!!!!

    the housewarming was great. did you see the photos of the raffle? there were 10 prizes. it was pretty funny.

    p.s., i love bourbon.

  5. mike says:

    p.p.s. the only reason i’m responding in your blog is because your feed dupes posts and i remembered that i commented on this one. i prob won’t ever come back to old posts to see if there’s a conversation. that’s why livejournal is better! it’s got conversational commenting.

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