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IMG_0903.JPG, originally uploaded by Club 510.

I finally got around to uploading all the photos from the Yellowstone/Tetons trip we took with Tom and Michelle back in 2004, and then I used h4ppy‘s Flickr hack to reorganize them in my photoset to the date they were taken (you match date uploaded with date taken). I’ve been uploading all our digital photos to Flickr so we don’t lose them again (we lost all our digital photos in 2005, when our hard drive crashed) but I HATE that it shows them all recently uploaded photos *first* on my photostream. So this app helps me keep that organized so I can show the photos I want first….

My next step will be to get all the negatives we have on DVD (did I mention this is the year I get organized??? It’s slow going, but I am making progress….).

Here’s a link to the rest of our Yellowstone photos on Flickr.

p.s. I just recently found out that you can add “/detail” to the end of the URL for a Flickr set, and you get a way better view of all the photos in the set – the thumbnails are bigger and the titles and descriptions are displayed. Nice!



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