another heart!!!

the other day i was thinking about trying to start capturing all the hearts i see randomly. i’m usually not lovey-dovey or cheezy like this, but i really do see a lot of hearts. there was that blood heart on my ruler on sunday, and then last night tim had a sweet & sour heart on his plate! (we also have a heart in our bathroom, but it’s on the sink and at a weird angle and i didn’t want to come off as all OCD about this…). also, when i was in rhode island last year, i saw this heart, but then i got home and showed T and he just thought it was a big spot of urine on the sidewalk.

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One Response to another heart!!!

  1. Heather says:

    OK, when I first saw the sweet & sour heart, I thought that was the blood heart you were talking about, and it looked really gross. The actual blood heart is much more lovely than the food heart!

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