look – i’m knitting!

this blog was originally supposed to be a knitting blog, but i’ve hardly written about it at all! i think it’s because i don’t really work on super technical projects, so i don’t feel like my knits are worth devoting an entire blog to, and i didn’t necessarily want to limit myself to just writing about ONE thing… but i have been knitting, and i figured it was time i shared what i’m working on.
these fingerless gloves were originally for T (since the green gloves i had knit him last year were TOO HUGE, he asked for smaller gloves “knit in a tighter gauge”) but these gray ones are still way too big! i’m using ann budd’s “handy book of patterns” and she must know some gargantuan-sized people, because all her glove sizes are huge. these are a men’s medium, and i honestly think i’m going to have to scale down a women’s small to get the right fit. T wants gloves that he can wear fly fishing, so they can’t be big and baggy or they’ll get in the way (he also wants them dense so they are more waterproof – these are knit wth a size 2 needle (!) even though the yarn label calls for a size 5). but i couldn’t bear to rip these out, so i’m going to finish them and then give them to someone else (if i can find someone with hands big enough – these are fingerless gloves, so they’re only supposed to come to the top of the 2nd knuckle).

fingerless gloves - who would these fit??

also, i’m making something for me!!! my first socks!!! (kind of.) they’re “fuzzyfeet” slippers from Knitty, and they knit up SUPER QUICK! i cast one on 2 nights ago and i’m hoping to finish it tonight at my SNB. the pattern is super easy too, so it’s a great intro to socks. [i knit some fibertrends felted clogs a couple winters ago, but they just don’t fit my feet. i was going to knit another pair with a higher cuff, but then i saw these and decided to knit them instead because i’ve never knit socks before.]

fuzzyfeet - halfway complete

also, i snapped a photo of the current size of the recycled sweater blanket:
current layout of recycled sweater blanket

and i picked up 2 new sweaters at Value Village yesterday:
new sweaters for recycled sweater blanket project
i couldn’t felt them last night, though, on account of my wounded finger. and T had other projects that he was working on (he picked up a razor scooter at Goodwill over the weekend and is stripping it for parts), so this blanket will just have to wait until i’m healed.

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