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It’s snowing REALLY hard today. (And T is home sick… for the 3rd day in a row.) Advertisements

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The problem with on-line purchases

A couple of weeks ago I was driving somewhere with my friend Abby and she’d brought along a Domino Magazine for the ride. She asked me if I’d ever heard of it, and I informed her that I, in fact, … Continue reading

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(Insert Billy Crystal Joke Here.)

On Thursday night I met my friend Janelle & her husband out for dinner (we had Ethiopian food….) and I managed to make TWO references to “When Harry Met Sally” over dinner. She and her husband both looked at me … Continue reading

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Memorable quotes from this weekend

(While playing Trivial Pursuit.) “I was born with my pecker in my hand.” “My adVERsaries are few… I deal with them at my LEHsure.” (After a nice dinner.) “My asparagus smells like pee.” (While introducing a 2-yo to our cat.) … Continue reading

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Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did that.

I just watched “Terms of Endearment.” From start to finish. And now I must go stab my eyes out. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually a sucker for cheesy sappy dramas… “Steel Magnolias” is one of my favorite movies. Because … Continue reading

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Flickr hacks

Yesterday I uploaded even more photos I found on my hard drive to Flickr. I still hate the way it automatically updates your photostream with all your most recently uploaded photos and doesn’t allow you to change this. So I … Continue reading

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I recently deleted my Myspace account because I wasn’t ever using it, and I always felt bad when I DID check it and there’d be a 6-month old message from one of my friends that I never even realized I … Continue reading

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