fuzzyfeet complete!

i felted my fuzzyfeet on thursday night, and sadly, i was instantly disappointed. they’re definitely not as fluffy and thick as my old slippers. they’re more like thick socks (or, “slocks”) than full-fledged slippers. maybe it’s because i didn’t use lambs pride but opted for cascade 220 instead (even though the woman at the yarn store swore they were interchangeable). but i really think it’s because the yarn wasn’t doubled like in the felted clogs pattern. ?
i had heard that they’d wear thin on hardwoods if you didn’t sew a leather sole on, but the sole i have didn’t fit. so, i think i’m going to make another pair of the fiber trends felted clogs and this time knit a higher cuff so they stay on better.
i’m glad i made these, though, because they were my first pair of socks. and i learned how to graft a toe.

grafted toe

and luckily, they didn’t take long to knit (4 days).

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