wish list

yesterday i received my copy of “one skein” that i had ordered last week from overstock.com. when i had originally ordered it, i had accidentally left the “shipping address and billing address are the same” checkbox un-checked (!!! isn’t that confusing?), and my friend amy’s shipping info was still in the form. (i had bought her some books for her birthday – if you aren’t using overstock to buy books instead of amazon – i highly recommend you check out their prices. they’re usually just a little cheaper, but their shipping is so much faster!) so when the receipt popped up on the screen, i saw that i had just bought her this book that i have been fawning over for the past month (she doesn’t knit). so i clicked on their little “chat with customer service” button and this really nice guy (automoton?) was able to resolve the issue right away. we ended up just cancelling the order and then i ordered it a second time (i was kinda panicking because i was using this random coupon that i didn’t even know i had – it was just attached to my account when i signed in – and i didn’t want to lose it, but it was refunded to me with the cancelled order). ANYWAY…. so i finally got the book, and there are so many cute things in there that i want to start making right away. these in particular caught my eye.

one skein - bowls
(felted bowls)

one skein - cabled slippers
(cabled slippers)

then i started thinking of all the other patterns i’ve bookmarked, and i decided to also save photos of them to my flickr. i don’t know what i’ll end up making, if anything, but i figure this way i’ll be more inspired and motivated to make the things i’ve been wanting to make for a while now. (one of my new year’s resolutions this past year (and last year too) was to knit more for myself.) i still have a few projects lined up for others, but after those, i’m going to knit something for me. maybe i’ll even knit a pair of socks??

magknits - corded
(magknits – corded)

scarfstyle - misty garden
(scarf style – misty garden)

knitty - pomatomus.jpg
(knitty – pomatomus)

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2 Responses to wish list

  1. Heather says:

    Those bowls look REALLY cute, but what would one put in them?

  2. funessa says:

    That’s exactly what T asked! (he was also concerned about cleaning — I think work is finally getting to him!) But I’ve seen mancala sets with similar felted bowls, or I was thinking you could knit a bigger one for a cat bed?

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