i thought these were supposed to be easy…

i was knitting away on my leg warmer last night, thinking, how much easier can one project be? when i noticed a little sliver of yarn that didn’t get pulled up with the rest of the stitch. at first i was just going to ignore it, thinking NO ONE would ever notice it, (and T’s parents have assured me that all knitting should have at least one mistake in it, to show my humility and imperfection… (something they learned from some National Geographic show on rug weaving)) but then, after a glass of wine, it really started to irk me  and i started to see the little loop as more of a challenge. so i knit up to the row with the mistake in it, pulled the stitches apart (dropping about 30 stitches or so), fixed the loop, and then stitched it all back up with a crochet hook. the whole process took about 5 minutes. and once i pulled it all tight again, you can hardly tell what happened.

all fixed
AND i was able to finish it last night. (please excuse the totally crappy picture quality. i still can’t figure out how to photograph yarn to get it to show up the right color… it’s more teal like the pictures above).

1st leg warmer

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