(while making lasagna)

“We have vegetable marinara or sausage and green peppers. Well, and we also have four cheeses, but I’m not even counting that because I hate cheese in my spaghetti sauce.”

“Yah, I know.”

“You know? How?”

“Because last time when I made spaghetti I put cheese in the sauce and you said it tasted like vomit.”

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One Response to (while making lasagna)

  1. Heather says:

    That’s funny, because we had the same conversation this week… On Monday, Mark was about to put cheese (cheddar!?!) in our spaghetti sauce, and I stopped him with the cheese right above the pot. It looked so sick to me (being nauseous already). But after thinking about it… “Actually, the sauce already looks gross, so I guess you can do what you want with it, because I’m not eating it.” Poor unappreciated sauce makers.

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