not so long ago

last night i was thinking about all the email addresses i’ve had over the years… (, then, and now (i’m nothing if not original, eh?) and all the various iterations of web sites i’ve had. then i started thinking about the one i made in 2001, right before i moved to seattle, which was supposed to be kind of like a blog, except i didn’t know what those were back then, but i wanted a way to keep in touch with friends and family and have a place to post photos and let everyone know how i was doing all the way over on this side of the country.
i soon realized that i didn’t really know what to say on my web site, though, so i had my friend mike write up a little blurb (i don’t remember if i asked him to write it, or if he offered). luckily i never deleted it, and today i found it, at my original (horribly designed, poorly maintained) web site. instead of sending you there, i figured i’d copy & paste the intro page here.

head.jpg hi, this is the home page of vanessa mateyko
 except vanessa didn’t write it. i wrote it [well, most of it].
 who am i?
 well, first, it’s important to note that i’m not vanessa.
 ok that out of the way i’ll tell who you this is. it’s mike. i know her well enough that she has allowed me to write
 this about her.
ok so now on to vanessa:
so vanessa was born in chicagoland (i think elmhurst, but i would have to ask her again [yah, that’s right. in elmhurst memorial hospital]) around 1978 [february 17th].
she went to elk grove high school in chicagoland and then to depaul university in chicago.
then she moved to madison, wisconsin.
she is about to move to seattle, washington [i leave september 10th!].
oh my goodness, that’s so far! yes, but it’s a lot cooler there. but let’s get back to her story.
vanessa has been traveling lately as well. she has recently been to the entire left coast, including the cities of seattle, portland, san francisco, san jose, los angeles, san diego, and even mexico. wow!
she would like to visit new york.vanessa spends her time drinking beer [uhhh, my grandma will read this], reading literature, and worrying. she has this really cool couch, and for some reason she wants to give it away, but listen, it’s black leather, and quite comfortable [i told you you can have it if you want it!]. i wouldn’t give it away, but this isn’t about me.
she has striking curly brown hair and mild feminist tendancies [mild?].
she once revealed to me that she likes country music [again, thanks].she has a black honda civic [2000 2dr ex] named roxy. i’m not sure if it’s named after the band roxy music, but i wouldn’t reason that out either.
it is a manual, and she’s quite good at driving it [quite?].
she likes all food. maybe lasagna is her favorite food [maybe.].
in junior high, she had big huge glasses [omg they were awful] and i think braces. but she doesn’t anymore, so it’s almost pointless to bring that up, except for posterity.
she is not really religious, in fact i think once she mentioned she’s agnostic.
anyway, so to summarize, this is vanessa’s home page. i hope you like it, and please, send her some email thanking her for creating it and to keep up her study of HTML. as with anyone, she needs encouragement.

Michael Michon

i think it’s funny that if i had to write this little “about me” blurb today, it probably wouldn’t be much different than this. i still drive my honda civic, i still worry a lot, i still like to travel, i still love lasagna (just had some last night!) and i still have no idea how to write an intro about myself (hence, i haven’t written one yet). so, in the meantime, this one will have to do.

p.s. that september 10th, by the way… was september 10, 2001. but i’ll write more about that later.

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5 Responses to not so long ago

  1. Heather says:

    Hey, how come I can’t read the other people’s comments anymore? And is that my scarf on top? I didn’t see that before. Very cool!

  2. funessa says:

    Yup that’s your scarf. I needed a photo, and that’s my favorite thing I ever knit, so I used it as my header. 🙂

    Hey btw, can you see comments now?

  3. mike says:

    wow, that’s a blast from the past. sept 10th, weren’t we feeding prairie dogs and admiring palaces made of corn? the last day of innocence!

  4. Rich says:

    When all hell was breaking loose in the skies, I could take comfort from the fact that you and Computer Mike were driving across this beautiful country of ours. I hope you still have a pic of Mike’s viewing screen for his GPS and for the digi pics you took on your moving trip.

  5. funessa says:

    mike has it:

    thanks for the reminder… i was going to d/l all those photos from him and upload them to my flickr account.

    p.s. that screen was not just for his gps — it also played mp3s… and movies! 😉

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