Jingle Bell Run (2004)

I recently changed my email from Hotmail to Gmail (and honestly, I’m kinda regretting it…. I don’t like how the emails are grouped by “conversation” in Gmail (but that’s just me)) and so I don’t check my Hotmail as regularly as I used to. Point being, I found this email from Shutterfly in my junk mail folder warning me that my account would expire in like 2 days if I didn’t place an order soon (oh, the horror!). I decided to log in and see just which photos would be deleted (since I really didn’t want to lose any more photos if I could avoid it — seriously, back up your digi photos TODAY if you can. Losing photos sucks. Really.), and I found this photo from 2004 of when Heather and I participated in the Jingle Bell Run.

Her boys were about 6 months in this photo and after carrying them around for 3 hours they started to weight at least 100 pounds. They were good sports though, pretty mellow, and super cute in their matching outfits (courtesy of Heather’s mom). As much fun as this was, though, I swore off ever participating in this stupid thing again since my most vivid memory of the whole day was walking a quarter-mile through a urine-soaked overpass tunnel under I-5. I cannot belive that in all of Seattle, the organizers thought that THIS is the most scenic route they would want us to take. Gross.

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2 Responses to Jingle Bell Run (2004)

  1. Heather says:

    Hey, this post is fun and we were just talking about it yesterday. It popped in the automatically generated, “this might be a related post” link on your jingle bells shotgun shells post. You’d blocked the 100 pounds part and remembered the urine part!

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