my lys

misti alpaca

i have been wanting to try entrelac for a while now (one of my new year’s resolutions is to try more difficult techniques), and i need a good hand knitted scarf, seeing as how i hate the 3 i’ve made (they’re all variations of a garter knit scarf – the first 2 were knit with lion brand chunky wool-ease (yech!) and the 3rd with silk made from recycled saris… i’ve actually gotten a lot of compliments on the silk scarf, but it’s just kind of raggedy looking and not really the type of message i want to convey to other knitters ….yah, i knit, but it looks like crap.)). so i stopped at my lys on my way home from work today. i don’t really like this place (bad lighting, small selection, rude service), but it’s close, and i recently found the 2 gift cards i’d gotten for my birthday LAST year… so i figured i should use them up before my bday THIS year. i had had it in my head that i wanted to make the danica pattern from knitty using noro silk garden, but as soon as i walked in and told the lady that this is what i was looking for, she let me try on a scarf that she had made with silk garden to demonstrate how, even though it only has 10% wool or something, it’s still incredibly itchy. i never used to be sensitive to wool, but i think i am now. so then she showed me some other yarns that would produce the same effect, and that’s when i saw this 100% misti alpaca yarn. do you see all the fuzzy goodness??
so i picked up a skein and went up to the counter to pay for my stuff and the lady’s like, “ya know, if you wouldn’t mind letting us display this, we’d give you a gift card for the store.” wha-a-a-at? is that my first commission? so i told her i’d think about it and see how the scarf turned out, and then i paid for my stuff. i think it’s funny how i went in there trying to use up the 2 gift cards i’d had for a year, and here she is all trying to tempt me with yet another gift card. whatever.

i just hope this entrelac thing works out.

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