night skiing

we went skiing last night with our friend chris and his gf robin. i was excited to go with them because she’s a beginner skier also, and she would understand my plight and not pressure me to ski beyond my abilities (not that anyone has ever done that, but i don’t like holding people up when they ski with me). i was ALSO excited to go with them because i’ve never gone night skiing before and T kept telling me that the visiibility was so much better at night (?) becuase you get more definition in the snow with shadows and stuff (i’ve skied on some low visibility days and it is freaky, because you can’t see if you’re skiing up to a big cliff or not). so we leave work early and we’re driving out there and alluva sudden i start to freak out. i usually freak out before skiing (or attempting any physical activity that requires a minimum amount of coordination, because i have none) but this was worse than usual. but i figure it’s normal and just try not to think about it, it’s going to be fine. so we get up there and get our skis on and ski over to the lodge and T totally wipes out. like on the little gradual slope. the snow is really icy and crystallized (“cascade concrete,” T says), totally not what i was expecting (although i later come to find out this is what the guy at the ski rental place meant by “spring skiing”), and so i tell T that i don’t want to do this. nope. i want to get back in the car and drive home. screw it. it’s not worth it. so he says okay, we can totally do that, but we should let chris and robin know we’re leaving first. so we ski over to the daisy lift and they convince us that the snow is actually much better on the mountain (who knew?) and that we should at least do one run and see if we like it. ten minutes later we were on the mountain and i was doing some of the best skiing i’ve ever done. like, i felt like i was actually skiing, and it was so much fun. i was basically following robin down, skiing in her tracks, turning when she turned (which is really hard for me) and since it was so empty, i wasn’t worrying that some snowboarder was going to run me over from behind. i was able to just concentrate on what i was doing and not worry about anything else. i even got a few runs in where i didn’t stop. i’m so glad i stuck it out and that they had the patience to hang with me (i was always last one down the mountain). maybe next time i’ll even graduate to a blue run.

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2 Responses to night skiing

  1. mike says:

    are you doing the v formation skiing still, or are you carving (straight skiing) yet?

  2. funessa says:

    haha. funny you should ask. T told me i had to “throw the pizza away” … so i’m TRYING to do straight skiing (i’ve noticed it’s better for my knees!!) but it’s hard to trust yourself sometimes.

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