the status of things

i sat down to do start my entrelac scarf last night, and i only had 2 3 minor meltdowns. the first happened after i finished the first 2 triangles and thought that i had somehow caught a stitch in my knitting because the second triangle (on the left) as all twisted and sideways. ?

i was ALMOST going to rip it out and start over, until i realized they were from the same cast-on row, and then i knew it wasn’t wrong — entrelac is just weird and counterintuitive. once i got the hang of it, though, i really enjoyed it because you don’t even have to count.

my second minor meltdown occurred when i couldn’t figure out HOW to pick up the 2nd set of stitches. i honestly thought i had read the pattern wrong, so i put it down for an hour, thought about it, and then it hit me. (so in the photo below, i’d have to pick up the stitches on the right.) when i realized this is what i had to do, i tried picking them up, but they looked very wrong, so i decided to hold off until i check’s videos. AND…. i don’t really like the way it’s turning out!!!


enter: 3rd meltdown. the gauge is a little loose, so i think i’m going to try this on 7s instead of 8s, and i hope i still get the striping effect you can see here. it’s ALMOST turning out to have 1 stripe per row, so that’s cool, but if it doesn’t, i don’t know if i’ll like it. so i’m debating whether to rip out and start the entrelac over on smaller needles, or just continuing as is, or ripping it out and doing something entirely different with this yarn.

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