crazy day

we woke up this morning and started our usual routine… i went straight to the computer to check my email and T went to the kitchen to make some coffee. two seconds later he’s screaming HAVE YOU SEEN THE SPIDER IN HERE???? uh, no. what spider? now, i should tell you, we used to have a HUGE spider problem, especially when we were remodeling the bathroom last year (picture 4 a day in the bathtub alone), but i really haven’t seen one in a couple months.

so imagine my surprise when i see THIS GUY waiting for us on the counter. so of course, instead of killing him right off, T decides to stage a showdown with some reptilian figurines. (the spider didn’t stand a chance….)

THEN… we were working on installing some new doors on all the interior rooms, and so i’m spackling away, and alluvasudden i see jesus staring back at me:


good lord. i need a drink.

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One Response to crazy day

  1. SweetJen says:

    Holy cow. If I saw that spider, I think I might opt for a flamethrower. *shudder*

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