Thai mural

A while back I posted about some wall art that I’d eventually like to have in our bedroom. This is more along the lines of what I was thinking…. it’s from a local Thai restaurant by work. The whole interior of the restaurant is beautiful…. especially considering it’s in a strip mall! It’s all very ornate and well adorned, and all the lighting are pendant silk lamps like this one.

I think this mural would be relatively easy to do. I’d have to use 1 or 2 colors for the base color (green shown here), and dilute them so it produces a “whitewashed” effect. And then maybe project the figure onto the wall and stencil it on, then go back and paint it on afterwards. I don’t know if I’d do the Thai letters or not? That might look too graffiti-ish.

After all this, though, I still don’t know what I’d WANT to paint. This woman (goddess?) is cool, but there was also a beautiful maroon lotus flower on the other side of the wall. (I already felt like a big enough tourist snapping this photo, so I didn’t stick around long enough to get more.)

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One Response to Thai mural

  1. Rich says:

    On the contrary, Vanessa, the owner of the restaurant near your office will be flattered that you are interested in his or her artwork and will be pleased that you want to take photographs of the murals. You needn’t mention that you intend to reproduce them.

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