Yarn pimp

Yesterday my friend Janelle brought in her Calorimetry so that I could try it on, and then I totally wanted to make one, but I wasn’t sure where to get the yarn. She had gotten her yarn from Tricoter in Seattle, but once she told me they organize their yarns by color, I swore I’d never step foot in that place, because I can’t stand it when yarn stores organize by color and not gauge. (My LYS in Edmonds does that, and it makes no sense to me!! How is that at all helpful?)

But she just called me now to tell me that she was there and they were having a huge sale and did I want anything??? Hell yes! So I asked her to pick me up a skein of the Filatura di Crosa in this yummy color.

So much for only having one project on the needles at a time this year… I’m already at 3 (technically 5).

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2 Responses to Yarn pimp

  1. firefly8868 says:

    Good luck with the new and old(er) projects.


  2. van says:

    I want one!!

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