I stopped by Target on the way home from work because I was in search of another Wii remote. I had found a web site that displayed the Wii-related inventory across the US, and it said that this Target had one, and so even though I called and checked and they assured me, no, they didn’t have any, I still thought they might (they didn’t). So instead I shopped around for a bit and ended up getting some cute teal latex cleaning gloves and a magnetic conversion chart for the kitchen. I go to the register to check out and the following conversation unfolds….

Cashier (eyeing the magnet): Ya know, my daughter can do these conversions in her head.

Me: Really.

Cashier: Yah, just last night she converted 12 cups to tablespoons.

Me: <Counting my money.> Wow. See, I totally need the magnet.

Cashier: Three twenty-seven.

Me: What? <Thinking, There’s no way 12 cups converts to 327 tablespoons.>

Cashier: $3.27. You only gave me $3.10.

Me: Oh, did I? I thought that was a quarter, not a nickel.

Cashier: Yah, the new money these days mixes me up too.

Right. That must be it. It’s all this NEW money and NEW math that’s throwing me off. I wandered off thinking that was the most discombobulated conversastion I’ve had in a long time. I am just no good with small talk.

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One Response to huh?

  1. Rich says:

    Hi Ness:
    I’m glad you clarified that. I thought that a magnetic conversion chart would show you how to convert the north pole on a magnet to the south pole and vice versa.

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