I recently deleted my Myspace account because I wasn’t ever using it, and I always felt bad when I DID check it and there’d be a 6-month old message from one of my friends that I never even realized I had (the message, not the friend). So I finally decided to just go ahead and delete my account, but then this morning I was trying to find this photo of me in New York that used to be on my Myspace page. I was worried I’d lost it when I deleted my Myspace account, so I checked my old Geocities page, and then I found ALL these old photos I’d uploaded to that old, neglected web site! I downloaded them all to my computer, and then I found all these photos on my hard drive that I didn’t even know I had!! It was like Christmas and Easter and my birthday all rolled into one (you must forgive me, I’m a wee bit over caffeinated, as I opted for the Grande Americano this morning.) I then shipped all my lowly, forgotten photos off to Flickr for safe keeping.

Among the many photos I’ve now been reunited with are this one taken from Mike’s bathroom…

(We have similar artwork like this available at Pike Place Market in Seattle. I may have to work out a trade with him one day.)

 And this photo from Roslyn, Washington that I thought I’d lost forever!!! We passed by this place on the way back from a camping trip with our friends Milt and Abby a couple summers ago. This sign was featured in the opening credits of “Northern Exposure” but it was Photoshopped to say Roslyn’s cafe. (The name of the town is Roslyn.)


This is the original photo I was looking for… it was taken in an NYC subway when I was there with my friend Amy in 2002. We had such a blast. She’s going back in May with her husband and I am totally jealous. (My hair looks like a*s in the photo because I was in desperate need of a haircut, and a mirror, apparently. But I love this shot because some random guy is calling me out as a tourist while Amy is taking the photo.)


I also found this one from summer 2 years ago. This shot is quintissentially summer to me. They don’t get more beautiful than here in Seattle.

Quintissentially Summer

Finally, so you don’t think I’m a total narcissist… here’s a photo I found of our old cat, Gypsy. This was taken probably a month or two before she ran off. She broke my heart when she ran away, but I think I’ve finally made amends with it (sort of). She was spotted in a neighbor’s yard a couple days after her disappearance, so I’m convinced she’s just hanging out at his place, mooching off of his generous nature.


This photo was a “before” shot to show what a dump our backyard looked like before we installed raised planter beds for a little garden. It looked awesome that first summer, with tons of veggies growing wildly in their new homes, but now it has succumbed to our (my) lazy nature and has begun to look like crap again. I’ll try and do better at maintaining it this summer.

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