Flickr hacks

Yesterday I uploaded even more photos I found on my hard drive to Flickr. I still hate the way it automatically updates your photostream with all your most recently uploaded photos and doesn’t allow you to change this. So I used one of my favorite Flickr hacks to edit the date/time the photo was uploaded to match the date/time the photo was taken, thus adjusting their position in my photostream. Here’s the link to the hack:

Now these photos don’t display in my photostream when you log in. They’re filed neatly away in the sets, where I want them.

Also, because some of the photos included the street signs outside our house, and because T is very paranoid protective of our privacy, I used this Flickr hack to add “X”s over the street names after I uploaded the photos. (I didn’t realize the street names were in the photos until afterI’d uploaded them, and by then I didn’t want to go through all the trouble to delete them, edit them on my PC, and then re-upload them.)

Not the most elegant solution, I realize, but it works for me, and I love that you can edit (crop, add text, rotate, flip, etc) photos even after you’ve uploaded them to Flickr! It also allows you the option to overwrite the existing photo or upload a new version of the photo. I lerv.

By the by…. that photo was a “before” shot of our front yard, taken in April, 2005, right before we removed all those nasty junipers. This is what the yard looks like now. 

Reclaiming Our Front Yard From the 1970s [Or: The Juniper Removal Project]

Ugg. We need professional help.

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One Response to Flickr hacks

  1. Rich says:

    You don’t need professional help. You do need the following:
    1) a feeding trough
    2) 100 feet of 1″ diameter garden hose
    3) one boar
    4) one sow.
    5) pig feed, leftover food, leftover rolls from your local bakery, etc.
    Use the hose to supply water to the pigs for cooling purposes.
    Keep them healthy and you’ll have a supply of ham, BACON, etc. to keep you well fed year around. You could even give some meat to your neighbors to help stifle complaints.


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