(Insert Billy Crystal Joke Here.)

On Thursday night I met my friend Janelle & her husband out for dinner (we had Ethiopian food….) and I managed to make TWO references to “When Harry Met Sally” over dinner. She and her husband both looked at me with blank stares after each reference, and it was then that I realized that not every 29-year old woman acts like she’s 40…. (see also: my knitting obsession and NPR addiction). Our dinner was lovely, although the service was a bit slow, but I think Janelle and I were antsy for our knitting date, which commenced immediately after dinner at the relatively new Coco La Ti Da in Capitol Hill. The ambience was charming, the desserts were divine, but it WAS just a wee bit overpriced (especially when I’m used to the HUMUNGOUS helpings served over at Just Desserts in Fremont). But I really didn’t NEED any more than those 3 bites of my carrot cake. Really. 3 bites fills me right up. Yah.

So we’re sitting there knitting (we both brought entrelac scarves, and we both oogled over the other’s and thought the other’s was cuter and more wearable), and at some time or another, it seems every member of the staff decides to pop by our table and chat us up about our knitting. Now, we’re BOTH working on entrelac, not the easiest thing to do while you’re trying to talk to one other person, let alone 2 or 3. But they were very gracious and showered us with lots of Ooohs and Aaahs, but I just wish I would have brought something more mindless to work on. (Although I did finally figure out the pattern and all the repeats, so I think I can now work on it without referencing the pattern every 2 minutes.)

 entrelac on slate

Then on Friday I decided I wanted to see some immediate progress, so I knit up a Calorimetry with the yarn that Janelle gave me for my birthday. I had done a little research on Flickr and noticed that everyone made some sort of adjustments to this pattern, so I cast on fewer stitches (102 instead of 120) and only knit 12 short rows before increasing again. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to knit an i-cord on both ends to tie it, or sew on a button (I’ll do whichever one requires less work), but I think it’ll be perfect for our evening walks (yet another of my 40-year old tendencies…).


Then on SATURDAY I treated myself and picked up some Noro Silk Garden since I loved the entrelac scarf that Janelle was making with it. I stopped by my LYS on the way home from getting a mani/pedi with my friend Kari and picked up 2 skeins in colorway 241.

noro silk garden

Now I just hope the weather stays a bit cooler for a while so I can hole myself away and work on these scarves guilt-free.

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2 Responses to (Insert Billy Crystal Joke Here.)

  1. Rich says:

    You lost me. Was it that your two friends had never seen the movie, “When Harry Met Sally”? Or was it that “When Harry Met Sally” didn’t go with Ethiopian food? What IS Ethipian food? An empty plate?

  2. Rich says:

    Hi Ness:
    Thanks for putting “reference items” in your photos. If you need cold wather, come here for a few days. Daytime temps in high 30’s, night time in the low 20’s.

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