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pre-sleep chit-chat

“Do you ever lay there with your eyes open while you’re trying to go to sleep?” “Uhhh, sometimes. Why?” “Well don’t you think maybe you’d go to sleep faster if you had your eyes shut?” (pause) “Are you laying there … Continue reading

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I saw goats this weekend!!! And where did I see such adorably cute little goats, you ask? Why, at a sewer lagoon (of course). (This was outside Fort Flagler, which is the third fort in the Triangle of Fire that … Continue reading

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Sunday Breakfast

Woke up this morning with a HANKERING for my mom’s peach oven pancake. So I called her up and got the recipe, and then I also found it in my Better Homes & Garden cookbook and it’s also available here. … Continue reading

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Weekend Plans

This weekend we are going to pick up a wind generator that T found on Craigslist (we are all about the alternative energy sources these days!). I am looking forward to a day of car knitting (with my new book … Continue reading

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Do you realize what today is???

It’s March 22nd, folks. And “This American Life” is debuting on Showtime tonight.

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Sort of. I ripped out all the decrease rows and then changed my decrease frequency (to less frequent decreases), and then only decreased every OTHER row (instead of every row). So at least now the hat is no longer poochy … Continue reading

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I bow humbly before the knitting gods

A while ago I pretty much decided never to buy another knitting book again. (Unless it really struck me orĀ  the patterns just seemed so unbelievably complicated that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out myself (but really… since … Continue reading

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