I’m in the market for some new cowboy boots. I’ve had my Justins for about 3 years now, and I’ve grown a little tired of them. I used to wear them EVERY DAY, with everything, and now I hardly wear them once a week. So imagine my delight (and surprise) when I saw that Mary Louise Parker’s character (Nancy) was wearing cowboy boots in “Weeds” (on Showtime, also available on Netflix). With skirts, cords, jeans, everything! I squealed with delight (yes, I’m a dork) and paused it so I could grab some screen shots.

THEN I found them on Zappos!!!

If you haven’t ever ordered from Zappos, I would really give them a try. Well, I hate shopping for shoes, so I love Zappos. They are running a special offering FREE overnight shipping (And they mean OVERNIGHT! A couple of weeks ago I ordered a pair of clogs on Wednesday afternoon and they arrived at 10:00 AM on Thursday, so I could wear them while I was in Vegas!). But really, the best part is they offer FREE returns. So you can buy 2 different sizes (or styles) and see which one fits best. Then just drop them off at UPS (or the post office) if they don’t work out.

I think I’m in love….

UPDATE: Apparently I’m not the only one who wants to dress like Nancy. There’s actually a web site where you can order clothes from the characters’ wardrobes. They don’t have these boots on there though. ?

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