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Got this email from my friend Heather earlier today………

I was at the computer last night, and I had one of those rare, what-can-I-look-up-now? moments, and I remembered I hadn’t read your blog in a while, but I didn’t have it bookmarked at home.  So I started searching stuff I thought would get it (random things I remembered from your blog that seemed a lot of people wouldn’t mention and put together), and it was amazing to me what I found.  Like I did something like “Vanessa knit blog cheese cat” and I got a pretty cool blog from a girl in NYC who knits and made awesome bagels yesterday. 

I have 3 reactions to this:
1. I have honestly been wanting to make some bagels lately!
2. I like how she put in “cheese” as a search term.
3. If my FRIENDS can’t even find my blog…. I think I need some better metadata.

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One Response to funessa dot wordpress dot com

  1. Heather says:

    HA! I don’t think I ever read this!
    (And I got it because I was searched “funessa” trying to add your blog to my google reader. I think it knew my name was Heather so it took me right to this page of your blog?)
    I think every few months it’s worthy to do some random Vanessa searching and see what I get!

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