Dear Internet, I love you.

A couple of years ago I was over at T’s parents’ house and for some reason (not because I didn’t want it, but because I am notorious for losing things) I talked his mom into letting me borrow this cute little sheetcake cookbook that was her beloved (and late) father’s, who was apparently not much of a cook, but a damn fine baker. This little cookbook showed you how to cut up sheet cakes into various shapes (most useful for little kids’ birthdays, I would imagine). Now, I don’t have any children to make cute little animal-shaped cakes for, and I’d never even made a sheet cake up until this point, but for some reason I was totally smitten with the idea and convinced her to let me borrow it.

And of course once I got it home, I totally forgot about it. And then lost it. AND, I hadn’t even realized I’d lost it until about a year later (last Christmas) when we were packing up a bunch of stuff to give back to T’s parents (15 crappy cheesy old movies…. on VHS, included) and I realized that I had never given back, and now couldn’t find, that little recipe book! I looked everywhere. No dice. My heart sank. Because I had taken such a precious thing for his mom, and I’d lost it. So carelessly. So quickly. I fessed up, and then started plotting how I’d get another one for her.

Enter, the internet.

Today after only 2 minutes of frantically searching for different variations of animal+sheet+cake+book, I found it!!! Some woman had scanned EACH and EVERY page of the little booklet and posted all the photos on her web site!

 So now I had the name of it (and a free copy for myself) and I could now could start searching for it on Ebay. And I found it!!! Granted, it was going for a little more than I had intended to spend, but it’s totally worth it!!! Her birthday isn’t until June, but I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we present her with the long-lost book and her own Cut-Up Cake(TM):


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2 Responses to Dear Internet, I love you.

  1. Janet says:

    Oh my gosh, I am SUCH a sucker for stories like this! The little booklet rocks with its ingenuity, but I love the sweet story about T’s grandfather.

    The internet helped me find the lullaby that my grandmother used to sing to my mom (it’s a Japanese lullaby) that my mom sang to MY daughter when she was a baby . . . she just didn’t remember all the words. So I searched based on the TINY bit I knew and ended up finding the Japanese words, the English translation and a recording of it on iTunes.

    It’s so totally random that somebody would takes the time to put things online (like your cake book and my lullaby) and IT MATTERS to somebody.

  2. Rich says:

    The first time I went to visit Ray O’Cain’s family in South Carolina, we took a trip to visit with Ray’s Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank had his Clemson University diploma on a real sheepskin, mounted on a wall. He also had a sign which read: “It’s better to give than to loan… and the cost is about the same.” Soon, Tim’s mom will know the wisdom behind that slogan. It’s good that you continued to look for the book so that you could return it.

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