I bow humbly before the knitting gods

A while ago I pretty much decided never to buy another knitting book again. (Unless it really struck me or  the patterns just seemed so unbelievably complicated that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out myself (but really… since when do I knit super complicated stuff?)) It started when I found this free pattern for a brioche hat very similar to the one I wanted to make from “Weekend Knitting.”

(Again, I love you, Internet.)

And then Nona posted this tutorial on improvisational knitting.

And then I figured out that the uber popular ballband washcloth from Mason-Dixon Knitting is actually just the “little bricks” stitch pattern (which I found in Vogue Stitchionary 3) (and was originally included on the label (ballband) of the Sugar ‘n Cream yarn from which it is knitted).

ballband washcloth

And I’m sure the internet is to blame for all of this. There are tons of free web sites and resources and blogs out there with TONS of free information, patterns, guidance, and videos. But also, I’m having trouble believing that there are any NEW patterns out there. I mean, every knitting pattern out there is essentially based on 2 stitches (knit and purl, unless you consider a purl just to be the reverse of a knit, in which case it’s really just one stitch), and no matter how much measuring or twisting or increasing or decreasing you do, it’s kinda all been done before. Now, I’m sure this pisses off the “designers” out there, and I’m sure there are TONS of designs out there that I wouldn’t begin to be able to figure out. But I guess that’s the thing. I might not necessarily know how to knit them TODAY, but one day I do hope to be that good. That I’ll be able to look at something and dissect its construction and do it myself. Or, better yet, knit up my own designs. (Of course, my designs will hopefully progress beyond “frumpy turtleneck” and “roll brim hat.”)

But then I go and do something like this…..

what the hell happened here?

What you see here is a basic rollbrim hat that I “designed” (more like calculated) myself. Everything was going swimmingly until I got to the top and there was not only a GAPING HOLE at the top, but it was also totally bunchy (which you can’t really see from the pic, but believe me, it is). I was basing the hat’s construction on ANOTHER rollbrim hat I had knit last year (I know, I’m so groundbreaking and innovative here with all these rollbrim hats) and so this whole top-looking-like-s**t part was a total surprise. I’m pretty sure I can fix it (once I rip out all the decrease rows and start over with a new set of calculations), but I have to admit it also kinda took the wind out of my sails. Who knew this whole designing-your-own-knits stuff could be so hard?

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