Weekend Plans

This weekend we are going to pick up a wind generator that T found on Craigslist (we are all about the alternative energy sources these days!). I am looking forward to a day of car knitting (with my new book “Knitting on the Road”!) and checking out the sites around Port Townsend.

Seriously. Check out the guy’s directions:

 …..a few miles after you come onto the island you will see a small general store/ post office at the head of Mystery bay….. 

….As soon as you cross the bridge turn right on Paradise bay road…..

 ….drive until you see the oak bay animal hospital on the right and signs to Indian Island naval ordinance and Fort Flagler…..

….Stay on this road until you come to a sign that says welcome to Marrowstone island…….

…..until you get to the Nordland General store /Post office……

I live at the top of the road in the cedar house with green trim.

I am totally packing my camera! And some granola, natch.

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One Response to Weekend Plans

  1. mike says:

    awesome, i love road trips. of course, these days that means waiting for warm weather, and packing the tank bags, since we don’t have a car.

    p.s., don’t expect me to see any of the replies to these comments 🙂

    p.p.s, i asked sharon to add a livejournal feed to your blog, so that i could read it like those of the rest of my friends 🙂

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