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A brief encounter

I ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a while this morning and he was like, “Hey I really like your hair!” and I was floored! I thanked him and told him I had just gotten it cut last week … Continue reading

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Manic Monday

I’m flying down to So-Cal today for work today and so I packed last night, but I really, really hate packing, so I wasn’t really packing so much as doing everything I could to avoid it, and then finally after … Continue reading

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so busy!

Somehow, alluvasudden, I got way busy. Like, too busy to even blog. How does this happen??? But I wanted to jot down a few things I’ll blog about later. 1. I ate out of a taco bus yesterday. 2. And … Continue reading

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Bringing down The Beast

As I mentioned earlier we (he) cut a tree down this past weekend. This has been something we’ve both been wanting to do for YEARS now, but I don’t think either of us were really ready to take the plunge … Continue reading

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I’m not really a cat freak. Really.

I just like cats that look like Trixie. So when I saw these at Target yesterday I just HAD to have them. Meow.

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We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago (gutted it, replaced all the appliances, built an island, and installed new cabinets) and for the most part I LOVE IT!!! We have a spice drawer which I LOVE, I have … Continue reading

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