We went to The Coast for the weekend and OMG did I ever need that. Although I still WOKE UP FROM A COMPLETE SLEEP on Sunday morning freaking out about a work-related issue (yah, I handle stress real well), the rest of my weekend was completely restorative. We slept in, napped, played games, drove around and took in some spectacular views of the ocean, drove around the rain forest, saw the World’s Largest Spruce (!), confirmed that yes, indeed, I have the intelligence of a 5th grader. Here’s how it went down.

We’re sitting at breakfast (in our little breakfast nook, in our little wood cabin, how cute is that) on Saturday morning and T looks out the window and says, “According to my map (which was always within his reach), that little island over there is Destruction Island.” “Really?” I say, not really caring all that much. “Yah, and apparently there’s a circular river on it.” “Really?” I say now, with heightened enthusiasm and keen interest. “So it just flows around the whold island in a circle?” “Yyyyup.” “With no beginning and no end?” “Mmm hmm.” “So there’s no inlet, and no outlet?” I say, putting the pieces together in my brain, trying to figure out what the source of this river would be. But hey, up until I moved out here, I didn’t really know what the source of rivers were (I do now!) so who knows, maybe I missed something while I was getting one of my (many) real-world, hands-on nature lessons. So I’m sitting there mulling it over, trying to figure out the logistics of it all, and T yells out, “Christ! I was kidding!” and we both just lost it. I mean, could you imagine, a circular river? How gullible am I?

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