I did it!

I did it!

(Full disclosure: I have knit 2 pairs of slippers, one of which were basically big socks, but to me sock knitting is a whole different ballgame.)

I decided to start with the Jaywalkers because A) Everyone else was doing it, and B) Grumperina herself described them as being “visually interesting, and simple enough for a beginner.” She was so right. I’ve found it’s REALLY hard, in knitting, to find that fine line between something that’s TOO easy and thus totally loses your interest (a garter stitch scarf, for example), or something that’s TOO challenging and totally loses you in the pattern (and then you end up spending more time frogging than knitting). I like to be able to space out and find that groove while I’m knitting, but I also like having to consult the pattern every once in a while to make sure I’m on track. And these allowed me to do both. Just when I’d start to get bored, there’d be — A heel turn! Or sole stitches! Or, finally, toe decreases!

To prevent SSS (second sock syndrome), I cast on the second sock just after I grafted the toe for the first, but after an hour of knitting away on the ribbing, I compared it to my first sock (which was sitting comfily on my FOOT at this point) and I realized I had been doing 1×1 ribbing instead of 2×2! Typical! I got cocky and didn’t look at the pattern closely. I’m hoping to have some time tonight to fix it, because I know it’s going to take me longer to knit the second than it did the first. I was fortunate enough to have 2 solid days of car knitting with the first one (and it still took me 2 weeks to complete!), and I think I’ll just have couch knitting for the second.

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