Domestic Bliss

So I got home last night and T was making dinner and then he opened a bottle of this cheapo white wine we’d picked up from the grocery store last week and it ended up being REALLY REALLY good. So then like an hour later we were plating up dinner and he caught sight of some aging bananas on the counter and was like, “We should make banana bread!” so before we even finished our meal we were making banana bread and then he decided to put chocolate chips in it (?) but he only used half a package and I was like, “Now what are we going to do with this half a package of chocolate chips??” and he was like, “Let’s make chocolate chip cookies!!!” So we quickly finished our dinner and then made a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies (with Butter Crisco!!!). All while drinking this yummy white wine and listening to bad 80s music and frantically taking photos of everything (the wine, the cookies, the cat). We finally finished at 10:00 (the damn cookie recipe said you had to bake them one sheet at a time (?!)) but it was worth it….

cookie macro

cookie macro

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One Response to Domestic Bliss

  1. kitkatknit says:

    OMG!! Two of my favorite baked goods all in a blog with cheapo white wine. You’ve made my Monday. Great photos by the way. Do we get to see the cat pics?

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