We remodeled our kitchen a couple of years ago (gutted it, replaced all the appliances, built an island, and installed new cabinets) and for the most part I LOVE IT!!! We have a spice drawer which I LOVE, I have my own baking drawer, we have 3 drawers devoted to utensils, but we had no place to put LIDS. After trying out a few different options, we finally ended up shoving them in the cabinet, closing the door, and digging for them as little as possible. (Does water REALLY boil faster with a lid? Is that spaghetti sauce making a blrupy mess all over the stove? I don’t care. I’m not digging for a lid.)

Then, randomly, I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond a couple weeks ago for something else entirely and I ended up finding this cool bottom-mounted sliding drawer. I picked it up, certain that it would fit and solve my storage issues, hoping that it would fit under our current shelf in the cabinet, and wouldn’t you know it, it fits PERFECTLY. So after a couple of weeks of me muttering under my breath how much I would really appreciate having it bolted down, T finally screwed it in on Saturday after breakfast (and look at that, it didn’t take two minutes).

And THEN he chopped down a tree in our front yard!!!

Is there nothing this man can’t do?*

*My friend’s dad actually asked me that very question when I was giving them a tour of the house a couple of weeks ago and I replied, “Yah, finish a project.” But since he does more in a weekend than most do in a month, I let that little technicality slide. LOVE YOU, SWEETIE!!!

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One Response to Finally…

  1. Rich says:

    Does water really boil faster with a lid on the pot? Does Tim’s head stay warmer when he wears a hat? Of course, because the heat that rises,( oh oh, who didn’t take any science classes?) hits the lid and stays, for the most part, inside the pot, or head. As far as spaghetti sauce on the stove top, you do have a cat, don’t you? Just make sure the stove top is cool to the touch before you turn the cat loose. That abrasive cat tongue will make short work of the spilled sauce.

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