Bringing down The Beast

As I mentioned earlier we (he) cut a tree down this past weekend. This has been something we’ve both been wanting to do for YEARS now, but I don’t think either of us were really ready to take the plunge until just recently.

When I first moved in to the house, this tree was more of a shrub, but in recent years it has really taken over the yard, blocking our view, and shedding pine needles all over any car you park under it. We’d been talking about just trimming it back, but finally, on Saturday, after eating breakfast and lamenting about not being able to see the water anymore, and realizing it really does look out of place in our yard, and that it just doesn’t mesh with our future plans for the landscape, we decided it had to go.

Our plan of attack was to first cut back the branches, then take the trunk down with a chainsaw (my favorite part!). Once I started lopping the branches off, the effects were IMMEDIATE. Several neighbors drove by and shouted, “Looks great!” And as reassuring as that was, we also had to ask each other, “Just how much of an eyesore was this thing?” and “How long have people been wanting to see this thing go??” (I found out later that one neighbor had actually offered to let T use his chainsaw when he was first out there trimming it a couple of years ago.)

The tree was down in a couple hours, and then we just had to process the hundreds of  branches left scattered in the yard. T was running most of the branches through the wood chipper and then I cut the rest of pieces down to size with a pair of loppers. I must’ve gotten tired or antsy by the end of the day because I accidentally cut through the extension cord to the chipper without realizing it! Luckily I decided to STOP once I saw sparks (it took me a second to realize what was happening) and T was able to unplug it and cut the breaker without any issue. It’s a good thing my tools were insulated, because we checked out the loppers later and there was actually a chip in the blade where the circuit blew through it! Crazy! It started raining shortly after that and that’s when I decided I’d had enough of this yhard work. But I am soooo pleased with the results. (And so are the neighbors!)

Tree removal - After

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