so busy!

Somehow, alluvasudden, I got way busy. Like, too busy to even blog. How does this happen???

But I wanted to jot down a few things I’ll blog about later.

1. I ate out of a taco bus yesterday.

2. And survived.

3. It was actually really, really good. (And cheap! $5 for 3 tacos, rice & beans, and una coca-cola!) 

4. I knit my first Jaywalker MISTAKE-FREE (for the most part) and then within 3 inches of my second one I’d already screwed up so many times that I decided to frog it back to within an inch of its life and fix it. I always do this. I always get cocky the second time around and then mess it all up. I do this a lot in cooking too and I call it “second attempt syndrome.”

5. I have been trying to knit this wool soaker (diaper cover) for my friend, and I’ve had a lot of trouble deciphering the friggin pattern. So after searching Flickr and posting questions to some knitting forums there and then Googling for help (surely I can’t be the ONLY person having this much trouble?), I finally decided to post a (somewhat snarky) question on a knitting bboard about the pattern and could someone please translate it into English?? Only to have the AUTHOR of the pattern reply!!! She was very kind and gracious (much moreso than me) and I felt like a bit of an eejit. But I was really frustrated and I’ve honestly never had this much trouble DECIPHERING a pattern before. I think I’m overthinking things and I just need to dive in and make mistakes and figure it out.

6. I’m having Potatacos® for dinner. Aren’t you jealous?

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3 Responses to so busy!

  1. mike says:

    one of the best mexican restaurants is in the financial district, and has wheels:

  2. mike says:

    how were the potatatatotottoatatacos? they look good.

    also, remember, unless this is livejournal, i’ll never see your reply 🙂

  3. Desktopjunk says:

    Thanks, always good posts on your blog!

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