Manic Monday

I’m flying down to So-Cal today for work today and so I packed last night, but I really, really hate packing, so I wasn’t really packing so much as doing everything I could to avoid it, and then finally after 2 hours, at 9PM, I hadn’t even eaten dinner yet so I figured I could finish in the morning (because I was going in late because I’ll be working a long day today, with the flying and all), and so I made myself a list of things I still had yet to pack, ate dinner, and went to bed.

SO THEN THIS MORNING I wake up and it’s sunny. Wtf? It’s never sunny when I wake up. I realize it’s 7:40 and I freak out! Sh*t sh*t sht*! I have a 9:00 meeting that I’M RUNNING and I still have to prepare for, and oh yah! I haven’t even finished packing yet! So I’m running all over the house, getting everything ready, and for some reason I packed all the clothes I wanted to wear today (why, if I hate packing, would I pack more than I need to? I have no idea.), so I have to unpack all my clothes, then repack everything, and then I find out my iPod didn’t charge all night, so then I have to track down the wall charger for it, and I forgot to pack socks so I dumped out an entire basket of clean laundry to find some, and I didn’t pack any knitting, so I’m runining around trying to find the right needles and pattern, and the whole time T was being such a sweetheart and made me coffee and toast but I was totally yelling at him for not waking me up on time (“I elbowed you,” he says. I swear I never heard the alarm!!!!) so finally I rush out the door with only half an hour to get to work, and it’s 8:30 on Monday morning, which means it’s rush hour (ha!), and I’m driving alone, so I don’t have the advantage of the CARPOOL lane, and I totally get stuck in traffic for TWENTY MINUTES on I-405. (It SUCKED!!!!) At one point I was COMPLETELY stopped, with no sign of moving any time soon, and I actually contemplated getting out my knitting and working on a few rows, but I was so jacked up on coffee that I didn’t think it would be very constructive, so instead I rooted in my backpack around for my iPod and charger and plugged it in in my car to see if it would finally charge, and it did (phew!) and then traffic cleared up a bit and I was able to floor it and swerve around a few people, and I actually ended up getting to my desk at 8:57.

So I get in, turn on my computer, checked my calendar, and realized my meeting was NEXT MONDAY at 9AM. Fark!!! But at least I made it and I’m getting outa here this afternoon and it’s 80 degrees in LA!!!

(Oh! And! I finally tracked down my radio code for my car so I can finally listen to music again in my car. That alone saved my sanity this morning.)

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One Response to Manic Monday

  1. Rich says:

    Nice going, Ness. You have always packed way more than you need. Remember how your luggage used to take up almost all of the space in the trunk of the car when we’d go to visit friends and relatives in the sunny south?
    You’ve learned a lesson about scheduling your time. But more importantly, you’ve learnedthat you need to keep better track of your appointments. I simply write mine on the calendar which hangs next to the kitchen door. That way, when I’m leaving, I can see if there’s anything I’m supposed to do that day.
    Do you remember that sign that Ginny made for me that was on the apt. door in EGV? It was my reminder to take my mouthpiece with me whenever I left home with my tuba. There was a reason for that. One night I arrived at rehearsal in Mt. Prospect and discovered that I had brought my 35# tuba, but not my mouthpiece. Had to go back home, get the mouthpiece, then return to rehearsal. Of course, I was late.

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