Our daily minutia

T just sent me an email with the subject line “OMG” and a link to the Cash&Carry “hotsheet” online.


What you have to realize to fully appreciate this is that we work for a big company, right? And we do well for ourselves, right? (Saving money on manual labor by doing all the home renovations helps too.) And yet T is one of the cheapest people I know. No, he’s not cheap, per se, he is a BARGAIN HUNTER. And he loves to shop. For groceries! And he’ll refuse to spend 29 cents more on a canned food item if he knows he can get it cheaper at another store across town. AND he’s a foodie so he’ll refuse to buy some inferior quality item that’s cheaper when he knows he can pay a little more to get something better across town.

Which means there are certain stores where you buy some items, and other stores where you buy other items. Need avocadoes? Cash&Carry. Frozen chicken? Costco. Olive Oil? Bartell Drug Stores. And heaven help the girl who tries to buy one of those items (for the sake of convenience) at a store that is not approved for that item… and GOD FORBID that item is not on sale at time of said purchase. It’s enough to drive me crazy. But I do wish I could shop like this and keep it all straight, and in the meantime, I’m glad that not only can he keep all the deals and know how much everything costs and where to go for what… AND that he revels in the hunt!

And he always keeps us stocked up on bacon, for the lowest price around.

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One Response to Our daily minutia

  1. mike says:

    oh man amy’s totally the same way. last weekend, she wanted to go grocery shopping and mentioned no less than 4 different grocery stores!

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