Does it have subtitles?

All week I’d been feeling like going on a “date,” so I planned a simple dinner & a movie for last night. We were going to have dinner at this little supperclub T had been wanting to try and then see Pan’s Labyrinth at our favorite little theatre downtown (it has swank, retro furnishings and a bar in the lobby). Dinner was lovely, and we arrived at the theatre about 10 minutes before the movie started. This place is SMALL, but I was still surprised by how crowded it was. (We’d gone a couple of times when I lived in the city, but we hadn’t been back since and I was really proud to see how successful they’d become (the owners are fellow Chicagoans).)

Anyway, so we walked in and it was bustling. I was afraid we wouldn’t get seats together (it only has 100 seats) so I went in and got seats while T ordered us some drinks at the bar. I chatted up the woman next to me and asked her if she’d been there before, and she said no, but they’d come last week and tried to get tickets but it had sold out. I was kinda surprised to hear that, seeing as how Pan’s Labyrinth had been out since last year. I then confessed that I didn’t even know what it was about and she told me it was a British comedy. “Really??” I said. (I knew it was foreign, but I wasn’t quite sure where it was from.) “Does it have subtitles?” I asked. “Well, it’s British, but it’s still in English,” she politely replied. “Oh,” I said. And then T returned and I figured out we were most likely not seeing Pan’s Labyrinth, but Hot Fuzz. And then I realized the woman next to me probably thought I was a total idiot for asking whether an English movie had subtitles. “Just for the record,” I whispered to her, “I thought we were seeing Pan’s Labyrinth. So I was kinda confused when you said it was a comedy.” “Oh, those WWII fascists are hilarious!” she replied. And then we placed bets on which movie was actually showing. Turned out to be Hot Fuzz, which was a very nice surprise.

T and I had actually seen Shaun of the Dead a couple years ago on an impromptu date, so it was sweet to see Hot Fuzz on a date too.

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One Response to Does it have subtitles?

  1. Heather says:

    I’m picturing the British movie that DOES have subtitles- clueing people in on things like that napkins are diapers and pants are underwear. That story is hilarious!

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