I am living a Dilbert cartoon

Yesterday I scheduled a meeting to discuss metrics for an upcoming project. I then found this Dilbert cartoon and sent it out to 2 friends who I’d invited to the meeting.


Actually, the one guy’s calendar showed that he would be out of the office, so I didn’t actually invite him to the meeting, but I told him about it, so he’d know what he was missing. 

So then he emails me back and says, “When am I going to be out of the office?”

“Your calendar shows you’ll be out the next 2 weeks.”

“That data isn’t accurate. Go ahead and invite me to the meeting.”

So I add him to the meeting invite…….. and he declines.

“I have ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ training that day. Sorry.”

“I hope one of those habits is setting up an accurate calendar!” I write back, snippily.

“No, this one is navigating conflict.”

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One Response to I am living a Dilbert cartoon

  1. mike says:

    holy shit, this was the first slide in a powerpoint that a colleague put in a prez at our recent Quality Summit. same fucking dilbert cartoon.

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