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Fixing an increase

For the sleeve increases on Rusted Root, I’ve been using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s easy shmeasy method of increasing because 1) They are easy, 2) I am lazy, and 3) I actually kind of like the little hole created by the increases…. … Continue reading

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Calling all knitters – please help!

I’ve got some weird bumps (gaps?) in my stockinette and I cannot figure out how they got there or how to fix them!!! They’re not too noticeable on the right side, but you can definitely tell there’s something funky going … Continue reading

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I’m about 10 rows away from finishing the sleeves on my Rusted Root, so tonight I realized that if I wanted to fix the GAPING HOLE that had formed at the shoulder, I’d have to do it soon. I don’t … Continue reading

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Finally, a decent photo

Just wanted to post a progress shot of my first sweater!!! I started this on the plane ride down to LA last Monday, then knit tons more waiting for my flight back on Friday (which eventually got cancelled!!!), and then … Continue reading

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Travel delays + knitting mishaps = Sucky day

This is how my yesterday went…… But first I have to back up to the day before. On Thursday┬áI was on the phone with my travel agency trying to book an earlier flight home for Friday and they then told … Continue reading

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Rusted Root WIP

I’m in a meeting so I have to keep this short. Just wanted to post that I’m making progress on my Rusted Root!!! I knitted a couple inches on the plane ride on Monday and then some more on Tuesday … Continue reading

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Caught blogging

One of my coworkers (“teammates”) just caught me updating my blog. “You have a blog?” “Yah.” “Cool.” “It’s mostly about knitting.” “People really need up-to-the minute updates on that stuff?” BURN.

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