Have ye any… Brown Sheep?

Last night I had a bit of trouble falling asleep (could it have been the 1-1/2 hour “nap” I took when I got home???) and my mind was racing with some big issues I’ve been trying not to deal with lately (hence, the aforementioned nap), so I tried to turn my thoughts to knitting. I started thinking about the next project (Singular! Only one! I’m a monogamous knitter now! (Kind of.)) and I decided to finally knit a friggin sweater for myself. I’ve been getting down on myself lately because while I have *technically* known how to knit for over 5 years, I have not *actually* been *knitting* for 5 years. So when I see people (who have been knitting for less time than me) knitting up their umpteenth sweater, I start to think… What do I have to show for all these years of knitting? And what have I been doing with my time? But whatever… I’m just not the type of person to have a piece of knitting in my hand every second of every day (Hi, Gramma! Hi, Mom!). And that’s fine.

So anyway, I decided to finally go ahead and try the Rusted Root. It looks like a simple enough pattern (I’ve done cables… they’re not too hard) and I just love short-sleeved sweaters. (I love sweaters, period, but short-sleeved sweaters are sweaters you can wear in the SUMMER! Which means sweater season is all year long!!)

But I digress. I had actually bought this pattern weeks ago, and I went into my LYS last week to see if they carried the Cotton Fleece yarn and they don’t. I forget which yarn they carried instead, because I really wasn’t listening to the (very nice, very helpful) woman. I want to knit my first sweater in the yarn called for in the colourway shown.

Zephyr - Rusted Root

So then this morning I started looking online for Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece and all the friggin Sedona Red is sold out almost everywhere I looked! I finally found a place that sold it for $8/skein, but then I felt a twinge of remorse for all the LYS’s around me that I’m not patronizing with this purchase. Not only do I want to support local merchants, but I also want to touch, see, and feel the yarn I’m about to knit with! So I called around this morning to check and see if any of these shops carry it and no. one. does. I couldn’t believe it! Some don’t even carry Brown Sheep period. What’s up?! What’s so wrong with Brown Sheep that no one carries it? It’s not like it’s Lion Brand!!!

I did some Flickr searches and read what other people thought about the yarns they used, and I realized that all my faves were knit with the Cotton Fleece. So I did some more Googling and finally found Paradise Fibers had my yarn in stock, in the color I wanted. Yay! Hopefully I’ll get it within the week and I can cast on just as soon as I’m finished with T’s gloves.

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2 Responses to Have ye any… Brown Sheep?

  1. Nice sweater, I like the offcenter stip of pattern, and the sleeves are so cute. I’m glad you found the yarn you wanted. I’m not sure whether I’ve ever knitted with the yarn recommended (my first sweater I made up as a went along, not necessarily the best way to do things but it turned out totally wearable), perhaps I should try that. Of course it would have to be a cardigan until I’m done nursing.

  2. funessa says:

    Oooh, I want to knit a cardigan too! I was thinking about maybe trying my hand at this one:


    (or maybe with a higher neckline like this? http://littlesesameknitsgallery.blogspot.com/2006/05/scoop-du-jour.html)

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