Travel delays + knitting mishaps = Sucky day

This is how my yesterday went…… But first I have to back up to the day before. On Thursday I was on the phone with my travel agency trying to book an earlier flight home for Friday and they then told me I was actually supposed to leave that night, on Thursday. Whoops. Turns out I had accidentally booked my return flight to come home on Thursday instead of Friday (that would explain why the hotel thought I was only staying for 3 nights when I checked in on Monday……… something I originally blew off as an error in their system) and by then the only available flight was Friday morning at 10am. Fine. My friend actually lives close to the airport, so I was able to crash at her place on Thursday night and hang out with some old friends. So then yesterday, Friday, I headed to the airport and the flight was already delayed by the time I got to the airport. They wouldn’t give us a new departure time, they just said they’d know more information later…. So all day they delayed it and delayed it and delayed it. I didn’t mind too much because I had my knitting, and OMG! There was actually a kid walking around the terminal with a ukelele serenading everyone with folk songs!!!  At one point a small crowd of children, parents, and grandparents had actually gathered around him and the little kids were dancing, the grandparents were clapping and singing, and the moms were running around taking pictures of the whole thing. It was so random. So THEN at 2:30 they FINALLY just cancelled the flight and everyone freaked out and ran up to the ticket counter to try and fly out of LAX that night instead. I called my friend and asked her if I could just stay the weekend and she said that would be great, so I just hung out and knitted for another TWO HOURS while I was in line getting a new ticket.

I was able to get booked on a flight out for Sunday, and then my friend came and picked me up, we had a few beers, then went and had doner (kinda like gyros, but SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!), and then came back and watched reruns of The Office.

So that night, we’re sitting around watching TV and I’m working on my Rusted Root and I notice my sleeve count is off and my sleeve decreases look nothing like the picture. So I frog back 4 rows (with lace!) and re-do it. And because they don’t actually TELL YOU how many stitches you’re supposed to have, I go back through the pattern and calculate how many stitches you’re supposed to have after 29 rows. And I’m off by 2 stitches. So I adjust the pattern, and keep knitting.

Fixing my mistakes....

And I’m 2 stitches off again.

Finally, I just put it down and figure I’ll deal with it in the morning.

So this morning I’m laying there trying to figure out if I want to get up or not, and I pull the sweater over, and glance at the pattern, and IMMEDIATELY figure out my mistake.

And it was such a rookie one. Of course.

The pattern is written for sizes XS(S, M,L,XL,XXL) so you’re supposed to start the sleeve decreases on the 29(37,45,55,65,71) row and I misread the pattern (and got too anxious) and started them after the 29th row instead of after the 55th!!!!!!!!!! Duh. So of COURSE my stitch count is off. But at least I was able to figure it out, and now I just have to frog back 4 rows again (with lace!).

But now I think I’m going to go back to bed for a bit……

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